Residential Energy Audit Program

Program deadlines are approaching. Purchases and installs must be made by December 31, 2014. See rebate application for details.

FirstEnergy's Ohio utilities have contracted with Honeywell to administer this program. This site and its content are maintained by Honeywell.

Save Now and for Years to Come!

Discover how to reduce your energy bills and qualify for up to $250 in rebates towards the cost of a comprehensive Residential Energy Audit,* designed to increase your home's comfort and energy efficiency. Investing in energy-efficient improvements can help save you energy and money throughout the year. FirstEnergy's Ohio utilities are also offering rebates that can provide additional savings when you make home improvement upgrades.

Step 1: Get a Residential Energy Audit!

Start by searching for a BPI-certified auditor in your area and schedule an appointment for an audit. An energy auditor will work with you one-on-one to identify energy-saving upgrades. For $350,* the auditor will:

  • Evaluate your home’s heating and cooling system, insulation, windows, appliances and lighting
  • Conduct a blower door test to detect air leaks that could be costing you money
  • Conduct a combustion appliance test on homes that require combustion testing to meet health and safety standards, and
  • Install up to $100 worth of energy-saving products, such as:
    • Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs)
    • Smart power strip
    • LED nightlight
    • Furnace whistle
    If you have an electric water heater, the following additional items may be installed
    • Kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators
    • Energy-efficient showerhead
    • Pipe insulation

Upon completion of the energy audit, you may receive up to a $250 rebate.** To qualify for the up to $250 rebate, you must achieve at least 350 kWh of energy savings through the energy-saving products above and/or audit-recommended improvements listed in Step 2.

  • *The maximum amount that a contractor can charge a customer for this audit is $350.
  • **Not to exceed the cost of the audit

Step 2: Make the Recommended Energy-Saving Upgrades.

After the audit, the energy auditor will provide you with a comprehensive report, review the findings and provide a list of recommended upgrades you can make to increase your home’s energy efficiency. You decide which upgrades to implement. The more kWh savings you achieve by making these upgrades, the more rebates you may earn.

Home improvement upgrades that qualify for a rebate include:

  • Air Sealing
  • Duct Sealing
  • Wall Insulation
  • Attic Insulation
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified window replacements
  • HVAC equipment*
  • *If customer replaces HVAC equipment as part of the auditor’s recommendations prior to a system failure as a proactive or early replacement initiative, the customer would qualify for an additional rebate. Customers are also eligible to submit a separate HVAC rebate as part of the HVAC Program.

Step 3: Achieve kWh Savings and Enjoy Even More Savings!

The final step of the Residential Energy Audit Program takes place once the upgrades have been installed. Other than air sealing upgrades, kWh savings for audit-recommended upgrades are determined and filled in on the rebate application form by the contractor at the time of installation. For audit-recommended air sealing upgrades, a followup blower door test is required for infiltration safety requirements and to determine kWh savings. The kWh savings are filled in on the rebate application form by the contractor at the time of the blower door test.

You may also be eligible for bonus rebates if you achieve the following kWh energy savings:

  • Reach over 2,000 kWh energy savings — receive an additional $100 in bonus rebates
  • Reach over 3,000 kWh energy savings — receive an additional $150 in bonus rebates

To take the first step, search for BPI-certified auditor and schedule an appointment for an audit.

IMAGE: Search for a BPI-certified auditor
  • Auditors and contractors who perform work under this program are not affiliated with FirstEnergy’s Ohio utilities or Honeywell International Inc. and neither FirstEnergy’s Ohio utilities nor Honeywell International Inc. make any promise, warranty or representation regarding work performed by such contractors.

  • Your participation in these programs reduces demand for electricity, which results in energy efficiency resource credits being created. Through your participation in these programs, you agree to allow your utility to take ownership of and aggregate these credits and sell them into the market. Proceeds from these sales will be used to reduce the costs charged to our customers to administer these programs.The costs of energy efficiency programs are recovered through residential customer rates in accordance with Ohio Senate Bill 221.